Dr. Drew Hoffman

What gives an athlete the ability to excel above expectations and to continuously outperform and out last competitors is how well their body works as a whole.

Combining Sports Chiropractic, Active Release Technique, Performance Nutrition, and Physiotherapy, Dr. Drew continues to lead the way in innovative and successful patient management for non-surgical intervention.

If you have seen a traditional chiropractor in the past, this is not the same.

Dr. Drew Hoffman

"Dr. Drew, a big thanks for the work over the 2012 Daytona 24 Hours.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon or at 3 in the morning you were excellent in getting me back in top shape for the next long stint. "


Dr. Drew Hoffman

Dr. Drew Hoffman

Dr. Drew Hoffman

Dr. Drew Hoffman keeps his clients running at peak performance with customized regimines consisting of chiropractic care, nutrition plans, and overall wellness assessments. Contact Me

Featured Article, July 2012: How To Get Bigger Gains, And Use Less Energy Doing It

I am going to tell you the secret that Professional athletes and Olympians have known for years, and that I have have been helping reach Superbowls and Olympic Gold Medals.

Your body has an electrical system that connects the brain to body parts to help them function. The signals from the brain travel through the nervous system, then back to the brain once the action has been completed. To an Athlete, doesn't it make sense then that you would want those signals to get there as fast possible? Indeed. This is called Conduction Velocity of nerves.

Increased Conduction Velocity gives an athlete:
1.) Faster reaction time
2.) Faster muscle firing
3.) More Muscle Recruitment

How do you improve your Conduction Velocity? First we need to know what hinders it. Errors in the nervous system or slow connection speed. Think of it like your internet connection. The more interference or things trying to use the system, the slower it is.

If the relayed messages back to the brain bombard the nervous system with error codes (ex: injury, overuse, toxic, imbalance) the conduction velocity slows down, and hinders overall performance.

The most common type of Nervous System interference is caused by abnormal joint biomechanics. This happens commonly and for a variety of different reasons, and most of the time the athlete wont even know it.

How you might know if you have some of these issues: Muscle Asymmetry, Pain, Poor Posture, Poor Balance. You may have been to a Medical Doctor before for an issue and gotten Pills and PT for 4 weeks, with no resolve. This happens commonly when treating a symptom and not the problem.

FIX: A sports chiropractor, with expertise in Biomechanics, like myself, can help to identify the small or large issues causing your nervous system to be inefficient, and body to perform under its capability. We use a series of testing and physical examinations to determine your starting point. From their, we can prescribe a proper course of action. Using manipulation and soft tissue therapies, results are instant. No fancy supplements, or tricks. You will be faster and stronger, immediately.... This is true for the spine AND extremities.

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