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What you put into your body is essential to building a powerhouse. This is the fuel that propels your body. It will either work for you or against you.

Featured Article, August 2012: Supplements You Can't Perform Without

Start with these three supplements as part of your routine, and I promise you, that you will feel the change in your body and performance. Supplements are just that, supplements to your already healthy diet. Don’t bombard your body with just anything, think and add things analytically.

Fish Oil/Omega-3: Preferably cold water salmon fish oil. 3000mg a day to start. The benefits reach from reducing your risk of heart attack, to burning abdominal fat. It is important in a fish oil or omega- 3 supplement that the ratio of EPA/DHA is 3:2. This is imperative. If it is not you will not have proper absorption. If you are at or above 3000mg/ per day, it is necessary to supplement with a Probiotic from any store.

Probiotic: Normal digestive bacteria that we can lose over time due to poor diet and eating prepackaged foods. This is great for any dieter or supplementor, as it helps absorption of nutrients. It prevents digestive problems such as diverticulitis and IBS.

Multi-Vitamin: This is a must for everyone. The store bought stuff is junk, with 30% absorption of what it says on the bottle because of formulation and fillers. Choose a higher quality MV from your nutritionist or doctor.

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Featured Article, February 2012: Grass Fed Beef vs. Grain Fed Beef

I have spend countless hours researching the literature and facts on human consumption of beef, as well as the practice of raising cattle in the US. From this research, I find that the benefits of grass fed beef is very underrated.

Cows in the US are typically fed grain, and this is done for many reasons: The cows gain more weight faster, have more fat (flavor), and grain is much cheaper.

For cows to be grass fed (how it was intended), the cows would need room to graze in pasture. Grass fed cows are healthier, and leaner, much like bison. It can be difficult to find grass fed beef, however many stores and butcher shops will carry it now days.Grass fed cows are healthier, and leaner...

Many people will prefer the taste of grain fed beef because it is fattier, and will have more flavor. Grass fed beef will tend to be a little tougher, with little marbling.

First lets talk about the physiology. Beef is filled with a wide variety of nutrients, good and bad. Amino Acids, Fats, Proteins. On the other hand, grain fed beef is often filled with hormones and antibiotics, and omega 6 fats. This occurs due to raising of cattle in confined spaces. They raise cattle in huge numbers and weight, simply because this is where the profit is made. 75% of all the antibiotics used in the US, is on livestock living in confined spaces. This in turn, is consumed by humans, and creates antibiotic resistance we see routinely in healthcare practice.

Grain fed beef contains Arachadonic Acid, which is an Omega 6 fatty acid. Arachadonic Acid leads to the increase of Prostaglandin E2 (PG E2) in the human body, causing systemic inflammation, decrease in immunity, and INCREASES tissue healing time. PG E2 is one of the most highly researched substances currently...So, for someone in training, whether its strength or endurance, eating grain fed beef is not adventagious.

Start using this information today in your own diet...In the case of Grass Fed Beef, the Arachadonic Acid pathway is not stimulated. Furthermore, no systemic inflammation occurs in the body, and it works for you, instead of against you. You will find that Grass Fed Beef is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which actually reduce systemic inflammation.

Start using this information today in your own diet, by finding a local store or farm that can provide grass fed beef. The resources and information available on this topic are vast, however some of the more scientific theories may be confusing, so please don't hesitate to ask questions.

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Featured Article, September 2011: Understanding Your Immune System

Have you noticed that over the past few years you have been getting sick more often? Do you have low energy? I want to take a minute to discuss your body’s immune system.

I will be the person to burst your bubble, and tell you that the food industry, and pharmaceutical companies are working hard to keep you sick.
For instance, Aspartame, an artificial sugar in thousands of products is not only an addictive neurotoxin, but also leads to infertility…It is found in diet products, but largely in BABY FOOD!…It is a poison that the World Health Organization and the FDA have chosen to look past the available research, which recommends it be blacklisted.

Aspartame is only the tip of the iceberg. We then have Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Saturated fats, Hydrogenated fats, and other 1,000,000 other chemicals you body is exposed to every year from food. These are called chemical stressors, which lower your immune system.

Physical stressors on the body such as posture, ergonomics, exercise (or lack of), accidents, spinal alignment, also lower you body’s immune system.
Emotional stressors, such as finances, work, relationships, etc..have the same effect.

It’s time to take action to counteract these things which target your immune system and are keeping you sick. Your body’s Nervous System is the network that allows your brain to communicate with every other cell and organ of the body. It is well known that the Nervous System controls your Immune System. The stressors discussed prior bombard the Nervous System and cause it to malfunction. Chiropractic adjustments help your Nervous System to perform better and in turn Improve your Immunity. People who get regular chiropractic adjustments, get sick less often and less severe for these reasons. Most people relate chiropractic care to Pain, but Immunity is a great benefit of receiving chiropractic adjustments as well.

If you are Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired, take a look at the stressors in your life that are bombarding the Nervous System and lowering your Immunity. Dr. Drew Hoffman can help individuals like yourself in the Fishers and Indianapolis area to improve immunity naturally. Dr. Hoffman coaches on nutrition, stress management, and exercise, to help you have a healthier lifestyle. Call me today (317.842.1188) for a Free Consultation.

Featured Article, June 2011: Are Artificial Sweeteners KILLING YOU?!

Did you know?….Splenda has now taken over aspartame (Sweet and Low) as the most used artificial sugar. Splenda is found in over 7000 products from diet soda to salad dressing. 7 of 10 women will consume Splenda on a daily basis, most without their knowledge. Of those 7 women, 70% will have sensitivity to it in the form of symtoms that mimic thyroid and perimenapausal problems: Fatigue, headaches, joint pain, bloating, chills, etc.

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Are you sold on the idea that these sweetners are helping your waistline. On the contrary, latest research shows that people who consume “diet” products (with artificial sugars), actually consume more calories, than those who do not, because in their minds, they are not consuming calories from “diet” products.

ARTIFICIAL OR “DIET” PRODUCTS ARE NOT REALLY CALORIE FREE, IT IS A MARKETTING SCHEME! One molecule of Glucose or (carbohydrate)= 4 calories. Follow me for a minute. Splenda or Aspartame have a chemical name, Sucralose. Sucralose is a combination of Sucrose + Glucose. Sucrose itself is AKA “Table Sugar”, and Glucose is the pure form of sugar. Sucrose is a combination of Fructose +Glucose. Fructose is found in Honey and some fruits. So at the end of all this, you are consuming GLUCOSE AND FRUCTOSE, EACH HAVING 4 CALORIES PER MOLECULE. So, you are really consuming just as many calories as your ”regular” product. Sneaky huh?

And if you have noticed, as these artificial sweetners become more popular, the more you hear about thyroid and perimenipausal symptoms. So before you head to your primary doctor for and evaluation, evaluate your diet to see if Splenda/Aspartame may be causing these problems. SO, why does it do this? As the name suggests, Splenda is artificially created in a laboratory, so the body has an extremely hard time breaking it down. During the breakdown process, molecules called Chlorocarbons are formed in the cells…Overconsumption can lead to calcification of the kidneys and destruction of liver cells,due to the chlorocarbon compounds found in Splenda.

SOLUTION: A new product has emerged in the market today. “Stevia”, is a plant extract from the stevia leaf , and is 100% nautral. It does not have the same harmful effects that the other products do. It does have a slightly different taste in comparison. Most super markerts now carry “Stevia” in the health food section, or by the other sweetners. Stay away from imitation “Truvia”. You can pick it up in packets, or as a liquid drop. Enjoy this to your hearts desire.
In conclusion, Chiropractic is a lifestyle not an intervention. Most American’s have no idea how to eat or how to be healthy. Let me teach you the science and art of chiropractic.