What you put into your body is essential to building a powerhouse. This is the fuel that propels your body. It will either work for you or against you.

Featured Article, August 2012: Supplements You Can't Perform Without

Start with these three supplements as part of your routine, and I promise you, that you will feel the change in your body and performance. Supplements are just that, supplements to your already healthy diet. Don’t bombard your body with just anything, think and add things analytically.

Fish Oil/Omega-3: Preferably cold water salmon fish oil. 3000mg a day to start. The benefits reach from reducing your risk of heart attack, to burning abdominal fat. It is important in a fish oil or omega- 3 supplement that the ratio of EPA/DHA is 3:2. This is imperative. If it is not you will not have proper absorption. If you are at or above 3000mg/ per day, it is necessary to supplement with a Probiotic from any store.

Probiotic: Normal digestive bacteria that we can lose over time due to poor diet and eating prepackaged foods. This is great for any dieter or supplementor, as it helps absorption of nutrients. It prevents digestive problems such as diverticulitis and IBS.

Multi-Vitamin: This is a must for everyone. The store bought stuff is junk, with 30% absorption of what it says on the bottle because of formulation and fillers. Choose a higher quality MV from your nutritionist or doctor.

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