Dr. Drew Hoffman

Sports Therapy Chiro, Dr. Drew Hoffman, is an elite Indianapolis Chiropractor.

He believes in preventative medicine involving a wholistic approach.

He utilizes traditional chiropractic practices as well as nutritional education in his treatments.

Dr. Drew Hoffman
Dr. Drew Hoffman

Dr. Drew Hoffman keep his clients performing at peak levels.

See the Sports Therapy Page for some of Dr. Drew's high performance clients.

Dr. Drew Hoffman

Dr. Drew Hoffman has made an impact in the local community as well as globally.

Locally, Dr. Drew works with many of the Drivers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And internationally participates in overseas chiropractic missions to serve underprivileged areas without healthcare.

Explore what you don’t know, as we hack into the human body to reach your superhuman potential. Sports Therapy Chiro, Dr. Drew Hoffman, will help you use tools necessary to reach your most unimaginable goals. Contact Me

1Dr. Drew Hoffman has dedicated himself to sports therapy chiro focused on achieving peak sports performance out of his clients. Visit the Sports Therapy Page to view some of his clients' accomplishments.


2What you put into your body is essential to building a powerhouse. This is the fuel that propels your body. It will either work for you or against you. Dr. Drew Hoffman will be uncovering the secrets to nutrition that he gives to the Pros.


3Wellness is determined by stress on the body. How well you manage physical, biochemical and emotional stress will determine how your body will age. What daily stressors do you put on your body? We explore ways to manage your stress levels. Put aging to a halt and progress to new levels.


4Dr. Drew Hoffman received his BS degree in Neurophysiology, where he studied the connection between the brain and the body. He later received his Doctorate of Chiropractic with an emphasis on musculoskeletal injury and sports.